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I am a veteran of over 240 expedition style safaris in Botswana’ wild north over a period of 21 years. My combined deep-seated passion for safaris, wildlife photography and conservation allows me to bring a lot of experience to the company.


I have published two books and multiple magazine articles. I enjoy the challenges of seeking out photographic opportunities out on safari and sharing this amazing part of the world with the people who choose to travel with us. 


I am the Editor In Chief of the National Tourism Magazine – Discover Botswana.


I have been lucky enough to call Botswana home for my entire life. My folks ran safari camps in the 80's and my early childhood was spent in the heart of the Okavango Delta. 


Life outdoors has always been my calling, safaris in Botswana are one of the purest forms of such a life. My dad handed me his old film camera when I was about 12, documenting the wilderness around me has grown from passion to profession. 

I am equally passionate about the conservation of the land we live in and all of its creatures, including its people. I now take extreme pleasure in leading others to some of the incredible experiences available here. 

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