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  • Why travel with Earth Ark?
    Our Expeditions are unique, custom-designed small group trips into remote wilderness areas. For a personalised and private travel experience. Every safari is designed to meet and fulfil your specific interests. We use only the best guides, lodges, camps and ground operating teams. We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with our partners and this allows us to deliver the exceptional experiences our guests are there for. We have travelled to every location and lodge we include in our itineraries and have personally lived the experiences we share with you. We are bush-lovers and adventure seekers and approach the design of our guests’ travel from that perspective, first and foremost.
  • When is the best time of year to go on safari?
    Generally speaking there isn’t a bad time of year to be on safari. There are however distinct seasons and time periods which are preferable to others. Ideally it is best to travel to areas outside of the rainy or wet seasons. If your looking for quieter times of year, it's worth avoiding the peake season of July-September We will fill you in with the best times of year to be in the areas or country you wish to visit.
  • Why should I go for a private guided Safari?
    A private specialist guide brings expertise to the area you are travelling in, adding depth to your interactions with the wildlife and to your historical and cultural experiences. The full value of an expedition is better realised with the input of a private guide interpreting your journey and linking the diverse sightings and experiences to create a bigger picture. The daily logistics and planning whilst on expedition will also be managed entirely by your private guide allowing you to completely immerse yourself in your surroundings – our privately guided guests regularly comment on the enjoyment of not having to plan any finer details, and therefore being allowed to focus on “the wild stuff”!
  • Does Earth Ark book international and local flights?
    We recommend you book your international flights from your home country however we are happy to help book these for you through our travel partners. All your internal flights from the start to completion of your expedition will be arranged by Earth Ark.
  • How will I know what visa is required?
    We will let you know exactly what Visas are required for the countries you will be visiting but you will also need to verify this information with your local embassies or consulates as visa requirements are constantly changing. Passports need to be valid for at least six months after the end of your trip and have the required amount of blank pages. We will send you full information documents on the countries you will be travelling to, in order to assist with travel planning.
  • Is Africa a good destination for families with children?
    Yes. By the nature African culture, they offer very involved experiences, which provide unrivalled bonding opportunities and quality time together as a family. Most destinations promote family and multi-generational travel however some safari lodges do have a minimum age requirement of 6 years old. Walking, trekking and canoeing trails normally stipulate a minimum age of 12. Some lodges also require private vehicle for family groups with young children.
  • What happens in a medical emergency?
    All camps and lodges have medical emergency kits and even the remotest of camps have communications to summons a doctor or, if necessary, medical evacuation. Many of our expeditions include an insurance which provides for an aircraft and doctor to be called to wherever you are in case of an emergency.
  • What are the essential items I need on safari?
    1. Head torch/flashlight: This is a must for the bush. The beauty of travelling through the wilderness of the African continent is that the light you see at night is only from the stars and moon or the campfire. But be sure to invest in a decent one. You don’t want it breaking half way through your journey. (and remember to pack extra batteries) 2. Binoculars: These are the second most important piece of equipment and again, invest! Don’t leave home without them! 3. A Digital Camera: Keeping a record on our journey through one of the last remaining wildernesses in Africa is important. There is a variety of equipment available and the following are some guidelines to enhance your photographic experience.
  • How much luggage can I bring?
    Strict weight restrictions apply on light aircraft flights due to their size. The aircraft also have physical space restrictions so only soft / duffel-type bags are accepted (no hard rigid suitcases). There will be specific weight and size limitations for baggage depending on which countries you will be visiting. A good luggage weight limit to target would be 15kg’s per person for hold luggage and 7kg's hand luggage. Should you require extra luggage, an surcharge may apply.
  • What clothing should I pack for safari?
    Travel in Africa is generally casual unless you have included a formal city hotel in the itinerary. Natural colours are recommended, particularly on safari and essential on walking trails in the bush. Bush hat T-shirt and long sleeve cotton shirt Shorts Long trousers Underwear and socks Walking shoes (trainers are fine) Flip flops or light slip on shoes Sweater / jersey Jacket (fleece is good) – recommended for cold mornings Swimming costume Waterproof jacket if you are travelling in the rainy season Personal toiletries, tissues and wet wipes (and small amount of washing powder for underwear) Towel (optional as towels are provided) If you wear contact lenses we recommend taking a pair of spectacles in case of eye irritation from dust A good pair of sunglasses A small backpack for use on walks and game drives Below you can download our packing list:
  • Are there laundry facilities on safari?
    Yes, most camps and lodges offer laundry facilities, however this can sometimes be limited due to water restrictions. Culturally, most areas do not wash smalls (undergarments) but laundry powder can be provided for you.
  • Do I need Travel and Medical Insurance?
    Yes, it is part of our terms and conditions that all guest take out comprehensive travel insurance in their countries, at the time of booking.
  • What vaccinations do I need to travel?
    We recommend all our guests visit their local travel clinic for qualified medical advice on the precautions required for the areas they will be visiting. Travellers to Africa often require general vaccinations and some countries also stipulate Yellow Fever inoculation cards to be carried with the traveler. Depending on the regions visited, guests may also choose to take malaria medication. We can provide you with the relevant information on malaria and vaccinations, but insist our guests also seek medical advice on these.
  • What currency should I bring on safari?
    Most countries accept USD as currency to either exchanged for local currency or for use in shops and restaurants. It's worth checking the rate of exchange before you arrive, but your guide will also advise you on the rates should you need assistance. All our safaris are booked in USD as an industry standard.
  • Tipping Guidelines
    It is completely up to you whether or not you decide to tip and how much but here is a basic break down of what we recommend: Your Guide: $ 10.00 - 20.00 per person per day Camp Staff: $ 10.00 - 20.00 per person per day – collected and given to the camp supervisor or placed in the Tip box. This is then shared amongst the safari/ lodge staff

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