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Africa is diverse and so are the ways to experience it. There is something here for everyone, the key is finding the perfect fit for your tastes and budget.


The Earth Ark team is experienced in the myriad ways to taste the continent and will be able to provide you with options suitable to the type of experience you are after. Below is a brief hint at some of the different options open to you, every trip is tailor made and can incorporate any of the below in such a way that gives you maximum value. 


Remember, the opportunities are endless. 



Photographic Safaris
Mobile Safaris

Specialised itineraries and locations that centre around excellent Wildlife and Cultural Photographic opportunities. Travel with a seasoned professional photographic guide to grow your skillset and have an amazing time while doing so! Suitable for all levels of photographers. 

Adventurous expeditions that are entirely self contained, the original style of "Safari". A very comfortable mobile safari camp travels with you and is erected afresh at each new location. There are varying levels of comfort but the essence is in the adventure and being out there in the middle of it all! Very ideal for groups and families.


Luxury Lodges

With the steady increase in tourism to its wild places, Africa has developed a world class range of stylish, yet down-to-earth safari lodges. They come in all shapes and sizes and cater to every need, they are easy to travel between and they are all incredibly beautiful! This is the most comfortable way to visit Africa. 


Horseback Safaris

Could there be a more fulfilling experience for a horse rider than to gallop across a floodplain into the setting sun with a herd of Giraffe? The Horse riding opportunities here are without a doubt very special. The combination of landscape and wildlife, experienced from the back of a sturdy horse is incredibly unique. Horse riding safaris can be enjoyed in both Mobile and Lodge safari setups. 


Adventure Safaris

In addition to cruising the African plains in open vehicles there are many other ways to experience some of the continents' highlights. Diving, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, helicopters, bunjee jumps and hot air balloons are but a few of the exciting options open to you. If you are interested in a bit of physical activity, adding an "adventure" on to your trip is a beautiful way to spice up your African experience. 


Nat Geo Students Conservation

Africa has a lot to conserve, and across the continent there are teams of incredible people dedicating their lives to the protection of wildlife and cultural heritage. There are limited but available opportunities to see and learn from the professionals in the field. A safari revolving around conservation is entirely tailor-made according to the conservation projects that are currently accessible. 


Honeymoon Safaris

Africa is synonymous with love, there is no doubting it. Many travellers have walked her dusty paths and found a deep love for her people and wildlife, in turn finding deeper love for oneself and those walking the same path. The romantic locations are endless; from bustling cities to wide open desert plains, tumbling waterfalls to mountains and pearly white beaches. Whichever beautiful location you choose, you can tap in to the love-filled heart of the motherland.  


Cultural Safaris

With hundreds of languages, religions and tribes spread across Africa, there is no shortage of cultural experiences to embark on. Some places and experiences are more open to visitors than others, only with local expertise is it possible to tap into the deeply rich tapestry of African culture. We have a strong belief in the ultimate protection of any culture that we come into contact with, hence these experiences are only tailor-made with local conditions in mind.


Family Safaris

For many years Africa has been considered no place for children. We believe in the opposite; Safaris are fantastic when done as a family. There is a unique chance to bond over "other worldly" experiences, and with the limitation of outside distractions a family has the opportunity to socialise in a beautifully conducive environment. To top this off, the tide is turning and operators of every kind are finding new and exciting ways to include families. 

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